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Matt Carter: What You Did Not Know About Him

November 6th, 2011 No comments

Before we go into the exact details of the course, I think it is good to know about Matt Carter, co-founder of SEO Experts Academy. Therefore, in this post, I can give you a very thorough background of him because I have bought all his products and achieved success with them.

matt-carterMatt Carter is a 32 years young, full-time super affiliate from Australia. He is currently residing in Sydney with his wife and son.

He used to work as a cold-calling salesman in large research and development pharmaceutical companies before he entered the affiliate marketing scene. Inspired by his close friend, Mark Ling’s success as an affiliate marketer, he decided to quit his job and ventured into the online world with the hope of becoming a very successful businessman.

Matt Carter’s Journey

According to Matt Carter, when he first got started online, he was ripped off several times, chasing after empty promises only to wind up with disappointment. The first 4 websites that he built was not making any money and one even fluked a sale. He was still wondering whether that sale was a result of his wife’s or mom’s purchase to encourage him. :)

Later, he figured out that the reason why he was not making any commissions was a lack of traffic to his sites. Therefore, he bought a lot of courses and studied them thoroughly. However, he did not achieve much result by implementing their strategies.

To cut long story short, after several months of testing, Matt Carter finally derived an exact step-by-step formula of doing affiliate marketing that works. The formula, also known as Rapid Profit Formula, was launched on the 3rd March 2011.

Rapid Profit Formula is a niche affiliate marketing course that will teach you how to build profitable niche affiliate marketing sites from scratch. It revolves around the business model of promoting physical products from Amazon which is a largely untapped market with lots of income potential.

It comes with 28 coaching videos divided into 7 CORE modules.

Here’s a Breakdown of the Curriculum:

Module 1. Introduction & Choosing Your Site Model

Matt Carter explains how to get the most out of the course and the tools you will need to install before you get started. He also explains the different style of sites that you can build using his formula. Please make sure you refer to the PDF for this module as it has more detail on different site models.

Module 2. Keywords & Affiliate Networks

In this module he shows you how to choose buyer keywords, which are keywords that are destined to make money. This is probably the most important part of the course, so please take notes and take your time over this section. He also explains where you can be an affiliate for and show live examples of myself choosing keywords and products.

Module 3. Buying Domains and Hosting

Now we are ready to buy our domain. There are a few ways to go about choosing a domain for your site, and it all depends on the style of site that you will be building. Please refer to the PDF from module 1 for the different site styles.

Matt Carter strongly recommends that you stick with a single product site if you are not experienced with affiliate marketing. Some of his most lucrative sites are single product sites, and they are much easier to manage. For a single product site you should aim to buy an exact match keyword domain.

Module 4. Building Your Site

In this module he will be showing you how to create a website on WordPress. If you have never done anything like this before don’t worry because he will show you everything right from the beginning!

By the end of this module you’ll have an affiliate site ready for getting traffic.

Module 5. On Page SEO

In this module Matt Carter will be teaching you all the things you need to do to your webpages in order to give them the best chance of ranking in Google. In module 6 he will dive into even more SEO techniques.

Module 6. Off Page SEO

This is the most in-depth part of the course, where he will be spending a considerable of time coaching you on ‘Off Page SEO’. This is where you create links to your webpages, which is the most important part of moving your webpages up the search engine rankings.

There are a lot of different techniques that Matt Carter will be showing you, and he strongly suggest you stay very organized, as one importat part of link building is being organized.

Module 7. Assessment & Results

In this module, Matt Carter will be teaching you how to analyze your websites to know if something needs tweaking. It is not hard to work out what needs to be adjusted if your site isn’t making money yet which he will explain in this module, along with some evidence of his demo site making sales.

Click Here to read the Full Review of the course.

Prior to developing Rapid Profit Formula, Matt Carter also developed 2 very successful products, Rapid Rewriter and Backlinks Blueprint.

  • Rapid Rewriter

Here’s a screenshot of Rapid Rewriter:


Rapid Rewriter in Action:

Matt Carter’s Rapid Rewriter is an article spinning tool that is able to generate 100’s of unique articles with ease. Aside to that, the tool also allows you to submit your content to 100’s of article directories through Article Marketing Automation, SEO Link Vine and Unique Article Wizard.

I have been using this tool for the past several months and it is really very easy to use. I am able to churn out hundreds of unique articles in a few hours. By submitting unique articles to various article directories, you will be able to get some really valuable backlinks to your website and get lots of traffic.

Here’s a piece of good news for you: If you were to purchase Matt Carter’s Rapid Profit Formula, you will be offered an opportunity to get Rapid Rewriter and a really cool Outsource program known as the OutSource Files at a low cost of $67.

  • Backlinks Blueprint

Backlinks Blueprint comes together with Rapid Rewriter as a bundle. It has 14 modules with 22 video lessons and accompanying PDF files for some modules to accelerate the learning process.

It will provide you with a lot of backlinking techniques that you can use with your unique content. Therefore, it is a highly compatible with each other.

Here’s a Breakdown of the Course:

Module 1. Introduction and Overview

In this module, Matt Carter will be explaining some vital aspects of backlinking that you MUST know before you start setting up links to your pages. You will also find resources to help you track and plan your progress.

Module 2. Maximizing Your Links

In this video, he will be looking at some very important techniques that will help ensure that you maximize the number of your backlinks you are creating.

He will teach you the best way to structure your link building plan, how to fly under the radar on blogs and forums and many more very important linking strategies.

Module 3. Secrets to High Pagerank

It’s time to start getting some great backlinks and we are going to do just that in this module. There are two techniques that Matt Carter will be sharing with you, and they are both very effective.

High pagerank links can have a very powerful effect on your search engine rankings, so they are worth getting! He will be showing you one technique that he uses for reverse engineering other successful marketers work and also a way to dissect a forum or blog for the highest page rank pages to comment on in their domain.

Module 4. Press Release Links

Writing Press releases is another very effective way to get backlinks, which he will be discussing in this module. However don’t forget to call on the power of Rapid Rewriter to produce the content for you!

Module 5. Web 2.0

In this module, Matt Carter will be utilizing the power of Rapid Rewriter and the huge amount of unique content it can produce fast! There are a ever growing number of Web 2.0 sites on the internet these days, and a lot of them allow you to have webspace.

What this means is you can use Rapid Rewriter to produce the content you need and get to posting on as many Web 2.0 sites as you can. By placing links in the content you post on these sites, you are able to get ‘Contexual Links’ which is what the search engines love.

He have also included another quick video and mind map of how to create mini nets with your Web 2.0 sites, which you can download.

Module 6. Article Links

Article sites are yet another fantastic way to get backlinks to your webpages. There are more articles sites across the internet than he can count he thinks! So once again all you need to do is call on the power of Rapid Rewriter for your quality content and get cracking!

Module 7. Government & Education Links

It is well known that if you can get links to your site from .gov and .edu sites, it can have a HUGE impact on your search engine rankings.

However, most people find them difficult to get, however in this module Matt Carter will be teaching you a very effective trick where you can ride on the back of other peoples’ hard work.

Module 8. Spy Technique

As he have mentioned many times in the past, he is a big fan of spying on the competition and riding on the back of all the hard work other people do.

So with that said he will be showing you another great link building technique. Matt will also be showing you how to get some more government and education links too.

Module 9. Blog Links

Blogs are another great place to get quality backlinks to your sites, and in these videos Matt Carter will be teaching you some particular search queries that you can type into Google to find plenty of blogs to comment on and leave your links.

The first video discusses who to search for in Wordpess and other blog platforms, and the second video looks at using more specific search strings to find ’Comment Luv’ and ’Keyword Luv’ enabled blogs.

There is also a very important little trick that will make sure you get the most value out of these links too!

Module 10. RSS Links

RSS aggregator sites are yet another place that we can collect backlinks to our sites from. RSS sites can also be very useful in getting pages indexed quickly. In this video you will be looking at how to create an RSS feed from static html pages and submit it to the many RSS aggregator sites across the internet.

Module 11. Profile Links

Profile linking has had a dramatic effect on Matt’s rankings for his websites. In fact he have had many sites go from a page rank 0, brand new domain, to page rank 3 in under 4 weeks, all thanks to profile links. However like anything, there is a right way to do it, and a wrong way. In this module he will show you the best way to build these types of links, and how to find them for yourself too.

However with that said, he will be providing a PDF of 25 profile links that you can go off and grab straight away, to get you started quickly!

Module 12. Social Bookmarking Links

Social bookmarking is a great and easy way to get backlinks to your webpages. In this module you will be using a free membership, where you can get your sites bookmarked by all the other members for you!! This system is pretty cool, as all you have to do is bookmark other peoples stuff on your accounts and they will do the same for you.

This way you can create a wide range of links from different bookmarking sites, using different accounts.

Module 13. Software Links

In this module Matt Carter will be looking at creating simple software and PAD files, so that you can submit your software to free software sites, and get quality backlinks from them. This is an advanced technique and not neccessary unless you are in a hyper competitive niche and want more links, however it is effective.

Module 14. Video Links

In this module he will be showing you how to get more backlinks for video sites. A lot of video sites have the dreaded ‘no follow’ tag turned on, so the backlinks are not always that effective, however you can still get great traffic from video sites, and some will still be great for SEO.

As you can see, Matt Carter really knows his stuff when it comes to SEO and Link Building. Therefore, SEO Experts Academy, which is launched on the 25th of October is going to be the only course you will ever need to learn about SEO and drive lots of visitors to your websites and increase your profit margin even further.

Click HERE to read more about SEO Experts Academy.

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