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What is SEO? The Truth Behind It

November 4th, 2011 1 comment

If you are just starting out on your internet marketing career, you may have come across this acronym SEO mentioned almost everywhere especially on internet marketing and affiliate marketing blogs. Well, I am not surprised because when I started out my internet marketing career several months ago, I was in the same situation as you.

I don’t really know what is going on, I built my first website but I can’t seem to find it anywhere except on the last few pages of Google. Does this sound familiar to you? If it does, then you have come to the right place.

Before I begin, I would like to welcome you to my SEO Experts Academy site. SEO Experts Academy is actually the name of a new SEO Training course designed by Matt Carter and Terry Kyle to impart their wealth of experience in SEO to students who are enrolled in the Academy.

Ok, back to the topic of what is SEO? SEO basically stands for search engine optimization. In general terms, it refers to optimizing your web content to rank for a specific keyword phrase in the search engine. It is a specialized set of skills that all internet marketers should work towards acquiring.

Now you may be wondering why developing SEO Skills is so important.

  • It is crucial in driving lots of FREE traffic to your websites so that you can form an online presence. Therefore:

 More Top Keyword Rankings = More Traffic = More Profits

  • It complements the internet marketing skills that you may have acquired such as copywriting, conversions and so on.
  • It is a cheaper alternative for collecting buyer traffic (visitors with a buying mentality) compared to paid advertising like PPC (Pay-Per-Click).
  • You can form your own SEO consulting firm to serve local businesses in your area to create an additional stream of income once you have mastered the skill. In addition to that, you can mentor or coach people based on what you have learnt.
  • One of the most valued skills that are highly sought after by businesses who are trying to shift their operations online.

There are 2 aspects of SEO: On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. For the benefit of people who are new to SEO, I will go through this topic briefly and give some general guidelines to look out for when you are doing it.

For advanced marketers, you may want to learn about how this new course SEO Experts Academy can make a difference to your online business.

SEO Basics – What is SEO? Part 1: On Page SEO

Before you do On-Page SEO, it is very important for you to have your buyer keywords ready. Therefore, you will need to identify your niche market and select your buyer keywords:

Here’s an example on how I find niche markets and buyer keywords:

Another great way to do market research is to visit

  • Check out the number of products under each category to have a feel of whether this niche is a good one to go into. If there are many products in that particular niche, there is a high chance that people are spending money in the niche.
  • The next step is to see the gravity figure for each product. If the product has a gravity figure of about 30, it is a good indication that people are making money by promoting this product.
  • Once you have identified your niche and product, then you can go on to select your buyer keywords as shown in the video above.

A General Guideline for Keyword Research:

  • It must be a buyer keyword with more than 500 Exact Match Count under the Google Keyword Tool. Some good examples of buyer keywords would be product name, product name review, author name and so on.

Now that you are done with Keyword Research, we will proceed on to On-Page SEO as shown in the video below:


In Summary:


  • H1 and H2 Tags for Keyword Phrase.
  • Keyword Phrase should appear in the first 50 words of your article. Remember to BOLD the keyword.
  • It should appear 2 to 3 times in every subsequent 100 words to maintain a good keyword density.
  • Make use of Plugins like All in One SEO or Platinum SEO if you are using WordPress to optimize your site.

Now that you have finished On-Page SEO, we will move on to Off-Page SEO.

SEO Basics - What is SEO? Part 2: Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO requires you to create backlinks to your site to improve your search engine rankings.

In this video, I will demonstrate to you how to create a backlink and what I mean by it.

There many ways to create a backlink to your website. Blog commenting is just one of them. Other techniques include Article Marketing, Social Bookmarking and many more.

Before we go on any further, check out these 4 FREE Videos created by Matt Carter and Terry Kyle to uncover some even better techniques that you can do right now. (Do note that you have to try and exit the browser before you can get access to the videos by filling in your name and email address after clicking on the “4 FREE Videos”).

Here’s an overview of what will be covered in the 4 Videos:

  1. PR7 Technique – In this video, Matt will reveal to you how to get a Page Rank 7 backlink which will give you a good upperhand in terms of ranking for your keywords.
  1. Google Groups Hijack – Matt will show you how to get solid and quality backlinks from websites found in Google Groups. This is a very powerful trick that you will want to know.
  1. Geo Targeting Sniper Technique – Matt will explain how you can get your slice of a big and profitable niche, where otherwise you might have thought it was too competitive.
  1. Domain Extension Myths Exposed – Terry will reveal to you why domain extensions are not important when it comes to ranking for your sites.

If you find what you have learnt from the videos to be very beneficial, you may want to enrol for the full SEO Experts Academy course to increase your chance of success. Read my SEO Experts Academy Review before deciding whether you are up for it or not.

Hope my article on “What is SEO?” has been helpful to you. :)

To Your SEO Success,


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