Traffic Grab Review: A Systematic Traffic Grabbing Course?

March 1st, 2012 No comments

Hey, Edmund here.

As promised, here is the most comprehensive review of what I thought about Traffic Grab by James Schramko.

First of all, Traffic Grab is a course that will teach how to grab targeted traffic fast from both FREE and PAID traffic sources.

Why Targeted Traffic?

This form of traffic is the one that provides the highest conversions. I mean there is no point getting a whole lot of traffic to your site but none of them convert into sales. :)

That is why Research is the key to getting targeted traffic from various sources for your niche.


Want A Glimpse of The Course?

Course Structure:

The course is broken down into 6 phases:

The first 3 phases, Research, Content and Site are FREE for you to view while the next 3 phases, Traffic, Conversions and Leverage require you to invest in the course to get the content.

1. Research

In this module, James teaches you how to do research on your niche such as determining your target audience and coming up with useful content to meet their needs.

2. Content

In this module, he will cover what kind of content you can create to attract more traffic to your sites. Outsourcing will be covered in greater detail in this module too.

3. Site

James will go through the strategies he uses to monetize his site for maximum conversions and profit.

4. Traffic

This is possibly the biggest module of the entire course. James will reveal all the techniques he uses to get traffic from multiple sources like search engine, video sites, Facebook and many more. Both Free and Paid traffic techniques will be covered.

5. Conversions

This module is considered to be an individual course on its own since it is probably the most important factor of your internet business. He will go through the exact step by step strategy that he uses to ramp up his conversions and make more money.

6. Leverage

As an expert in leveraging due to his strong background in innovation and strategy, James will show you how to bring your business to the next level and add another zero to the back of your profit. This is truly amazing and it is something that you ought to pay attention to if you are serious about your business.

Now that you are aware of the course layout, lets move on to the PROs and CONs of Traffic Grab.



  1. The entire course is structured in a very easy and organized manner which makes learning much easier.
  1. The availability of PDF documents, audio mp3 and videos which can be downloaded provides a more holistic form of learning.
  1. Possibly one of the most comprehensive traffic courses that I have seen for a long time since it covers both free and paid traffic methods in great detail.
  1. A one-time fee of $79.00 USD is really a huge bargain considering the amount of value you will be getting from the course.



  1. It is not for beginners. Therefore, you will need some experience to comprehend what he is trying to put across in his videos.

Note: There is no Refund for this course. Therefore, please buy Traffic Grab only when you are sure you want to invest in it. Otherwise, you can always view the free PDF that is available on the webpage itself before making a decision.


Final Word

Who should get this course? If you are interested in learning and applying all the different traffic strategies to bring your business to the next level, this course is a must-have.

On the other hand, if you already have some experience with internet marketing and would like to hone your skills by incorporating some new strategies to grow your business, this is a great training course too.

All in all, Traffic Grab is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to get targeted traffic that converts! :)

All The Best!


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Reviewed on 1 March 2012

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