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SEO Experts Academy Bonus


Hi There!

If you are reading this page, chances are, you are looking for the best bang for your money to go with the superb SEO training course, SEO Experts Academy right?

You are in luck!

“If You Can Still See This Page, Then There Are Still Places Available For You To Buy SEO Experts Academy Through My Link and Receive My Highly Sought-After SEO Experts Academy Bonus”

Before we go on… here’s a quick one on bonuses:

You must have come across many bonus packages on the internet before, and many of them are just plain rubbish. Instead of providing quality information that can be applied to improve your online business, they just bundle a bunch of free stuff that can be readily found on the net and put a hefty price tag on it.

If that is what you are after, you may as well leave my site right now.

Still hanging around? I’m not surprised, you are CLEVER and looking for REAL value for your money.

Therefore, it is my pleasure to present to you:

The Ultimate and Hottest SEO Experts Academy Bonus You Can Find On The ‘Net’… Formed By Edmund


And It Can Be Yours Absolutely FREE!

So what SEO Experts Academy Bonus am I offering? Simply put: Bonuses that you can use to open up more opportunities with what you have learnt. Don’t get me wrong, SEO Experts Academy, on its own, can give you windows of opportunities to apply what you have learnt and bring your business to the next level.

Therefore, you DO NOT need anything else. However, it would be great to learn some review writing skills to increase your conversions if you are promoting other people’s products in affiliate marketing. So here’s BONUS No 1:

#SEO Experts Academy Bonus 1: Review Writing and Conversions Webinar 

In this 1 hour and 8 minutes webinar, Matt Carter will show you how to write a proper review from scratch and structure the content for maximum conversions.

#SEO Experts Academy Bonus 2: Copywriting Cash

Copywriting is a valuable skill that you will want to acquire especially if you are planning to create and sell your own product. Learning how to write a high-converting sales copy can make all the difference between maximum and minimum profits.

In this 1 hour and 10 minutes video course, Matt Carter will teach you step-by-step on how to write a killer sales copy with real case studies.

#SEO Experts Academy Bonus 3: Email Marketing Pro

In this 2-part video training series, Matt Carter will show you how to build a targeted customer list for the niche market that you are in. He will be revealing some tricks that he has been using to achieve great results.

Matt will be showing you how to create pages that are very good at capturing emails and write email in sequences that are proven to work so that you can have a successful email marketing campaign to earn some pretty impressive commissions.

Ok. Everything Is Great, Edmund. I’m Ready to Order SEO Experts Academy and Want Your Awesome Bonus Package, provided I’m not too late… So What’s Next?

In order to receive my bonus package, please follow these simple steps (takes less than 30 seconds)…

Step #1: Go to your internet browsers settings and select ‘Delete Cookies’ – Don’t worry, it won’t delete your saved passwords or website history – It just removes other guys’ tracking codes.

Step #2: Buy SEO Experts Academy using my link below and make sure that at the bottom of the order page it says [Affiliate = rpform] (rpform is my affiliate id).

Order SEO Experts Academy Here to Receive The Bonus Package

Note: SEO Experts Academy is no longer for sale, if you are interested in a make money online course, I would highly recommend Bring The Fresh. You can check it out here: Bring The Fresh

Step #3: Send your order receipt to edmund@seoexpertsacademy.org.uk and I’ll email you your bonus package shortly.

So go ahead, order SEO Experts Academy through that link. I look forward to receiving your email. :)


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